The limits belong to the surrender. A heart and mind that act in unison to conquer a reality not yet unveiled, can break down barriers usually deemed impassable. Nothing is impossible, will is the quality of the soul that is closest to an unlimited source of creation. But the impossible must maintain perseverance.  Everything that still belongs to the unknown is called into existence from those intelligences that embrace self-discipline with humility and determine its alchemical properties. It is the order of perseverance.

For the Greeks, perseverance was an attribute worthy of adoration. Severity, sev-nòs, that what inspires respect, that what is sacred, is the root that sinks into the soil watered by a plurality of Mediterranean languages, and in Latin, severus is enriched by the prefix per, the same as in persistence, the period of time in which the human spirit expresses its creative effort. So to persevere, act in the inflexible rigor that promises light where darkness of the unknown reigns, to see unspeakable beauty with the solitary eyes of the pioneer where common sense does not see anything but swamps of fatigue in uncertainty marked by madness.

History, science, art and medicine have in common the oath that men and women have made to their idea of the world, to their obsession for seeking the truth, which is first of all a solemn offering of one’s self with no guarantee of success. To perseverance, mother of the revolutions, today we dedicate the music of this creation, last child of an ancient dynasty which takes place in the present to draw the trajectories of the future.

— Michele Lucantoni